K Dallis

150 150 The Travel Cafe

What a sweet little cafe. I came in today with my daughter, as soon as we walked in we liked the vibe of the cafe. It was welcoming and the lunch we ordered was delicious! We ordered a bunch of the dessert squares so we could go home and try them all.
We have just finished the desserts we ordered and they did not disappoint! They were amazing and so fresh!
We drove in from Hamilton and it was well worth it and we intend to come back soon. This charming cafe is definitely worth the drive.

Michelle Lucy

150 150 The Travel Cafe

I noticed this cute little cafe on the corner of highway 20 as I was driving through Fonthill. I love tea and travel so I had to check it out. I’ve been back a few times since my first visit. I love the atmosphere, the food, and the tea! Travel is one of my passions. You can always find some inspiring travel talk, friendly conversation, and great food. You can even book a trip while you’re there! I recommend checking out this cafe!

Margaret Boal Cunningham

150 150 The Travel Cafe

Had the pleasure of having afternoon tea at The Travel Cafe with my mom and son on Saturday. It was absolutely fantastic! The owners were welcoming and friendly, the decor was unique and interesting but by far the best part was the fabulous food and tea. My son and I decided on the cream earl gray tea which we both really enjoyed. Delicious little sandwiches, scones that melted in your mouth with homemade clotted cream and of course some strawberry jam! The top tier of our platter was filled with homemade banana nut bread, hand dipped chocolate strawberries, macaroons, a white chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup, cookies and palette cleansing watermelon wedges!